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A Business Founded Upon Faith

Ham'N Goodys was opened in 1978 by Leroy and Emily Shoemaker. Using old family recipes and only the finest ingredients, this little hope and prayer on Northshore Drive in Knoxville, TN became more than just a bakery and hot spot for a delicious lunch. We offer delectable treats like our world famous lemon cookie and home-made cakes. Ham'N Goodys has become a household name as well as a holiday tradition at many family tables.

We believe that all things should be made with lots of love'N butter!

The Shoemakers' strong Christian faith guided their decisions and prayer lit their path. There remains a bible verse on the specials board every day. God was, is and will always be the CEO at Ham'N Goodys. We hope that your experience with us will leave you smiling and blessed.

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