Fundraising has never been sweeter!!

Sports teams, school groups and many others have been able to raise thousands of dollars by selling cookies from Ham ‘N Goodys.  The Ham ‘N Goodys brand is a strong throughout east Tennessee and the fundraisers have been incredibly successful because of it.

In general, your organization sells the cookies at $15 per dozen and gets to keep approximately half of that.  There is a sliding scale as you sell more you earn more money per dozen.  If the organization is NOT tax exempt then the local tax rate in Knoxville is charged as well.

We have gotten a tremendous response and continually hear how easy the fundraising went.  We love to be involved in our communities and look forward to building relationships every step of the way.

If you are interested and would like more information please send an email to and we can fill you in with all of the details.

Thanks, and God bless!

"Ham and Goody’s provided a great fundraiser for our class trip. Their communication was clear and orders were organized and easy to distribute. Thank you for your generosity!!"

-Lauren Crisp, Freedom Christian Academy 

"It was such a fun, easy  way to raise money for our baseball team. Everyone loves Lemon cookies!”

-Tracie Lowe, RBI Redstitch 

The process was so easy. And everyone loves Ham N Goodys so they are super easy to sell. Our team made more than we expected and this helped kids raise money for our team fees!!! Happy customers + happy parents = success! Thanks Ham N Goody's!

-Olivia McGhee, Diamond Vipers